Martine Dubreucq et Isabelle Parmentier

Coucou Hibou Frieze Bespoke

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The Coucou Hibou panoramic is accompanied by its matching frieze, available in 3 coloured versions to match all moods. Available here, individually or in combination with our Auguste base and moulding.

Once upon a time... Coucou Hibou is an enchanted imaginary landscape created for the little ones, like a playful, poetic open-air book. Discover the owl who answers the cuckoo, the gentle rabbit who asks for directions, the great butterfly who looks for the hedgehog... Let them dream under the watchful eye of the king of the forest.
Pencil sketches, pen-and-ink work and colorful solids bring to life an animal and plant world full of charm and delicate details. Our panoramic nursery rhyme will be the inspiration for your little bedtime story, or a wonderful opportunity to remind your children that our inspiring nature is precious and fragile.



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Non-woven wallpaper: lightfast, glued to the wall, washable, dry-tearable. High Performance Contract: washable and impact resistant / PVC-free.

Also available in roll.

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