Arbracadabra bespokeArbracadabra bespoke

Arbracadabra bespoke

€ 88 / m2
Paradis des Tigres JourParadis des Tigres Jour

Paradis des Tigres Jour

€ 24
Paradis des Tigres NocturneParadis des Tigres Nocturne

Paradis des Tigres Nocturne

€ 24
COSMOS JOURnuage ciel cosmos panorama doux étoiles


€ 299
COSMOS bespokeCOSMOS bespoke

COSMOS bespoke

€ 88 / m2
Paradis des Tigres bespokeParadis des Tigres bespoke

Paradis des Tigres bespoke

€ 79 / m2
Éclipse bespokeÉclipse bespoke

Éclipse bespoke

€ 88 / m2
Tigres bespokeTigres bespoke

Tigres bespoke

€ 99 / m2
Arbracadabra JourArbracadabra Jour

Arbracadabra Jour

€ 41
Lémuriens bespokeLémuriens bespoke

Lémuriens bespoke

€ 88 / m2


€ 199
nuage ciel cosmos panorama doux étoilesCOSMOS NUIT


€ 299
Paradis des Tigres Nocturne sur mesureParadis des Tigres Nocturne sur mesure

Paradis des Tigres Nocturne sur mesure

€ 79 / m2


€ 337
Les 5 Continents BespokeLes 5 Continents Bespoke

Les 5 Continents Bespoke

€ 88 / m2
Jaco SampleJaco Sample

Jaco Sample

€ 63 / m2
Les 5 ContinentsLes 5 Continents

Les 5 Continents

€ 299
Bao bespokeBao bespoke

Bao bespoke

€ 63 / m2


€ 299
Mini TigresMini Tigres

Mini Tigres

€ 115
Paradis des Tigres GrisailleParadis des Tigres Grisaille

Paradis des Tigres Grisaille

€ 24
Serengeti bespokeSerengeti bespoke

Serengeti bespoke

€ 79 / m2


€ 489
Coucou Hibou bespokeCoucou Hibou bespoke

Coucou Hibou bespoke

€ 88
Le France SampleLe France Sample

Le France Sample

€ 88 / m2


€ 24
Le FranceLe France

Le France

€ 272
Bordeaux en Fête bespokeBordeaux en Fête bespoke

Bordeaux en Fête bespoke

€ 88 / m2
Bordeaux en FêteBordeaux en Fête

Bordeaux en Fête

€ 191
Coucou Hibou FriezeCoucou Hibou Frieze

Coucou Hibou Frieze

€ 122
Coucou Hibou Frieze BespokeCoucou Hibou Frieze Bespoke

Coucou Hibou Frieze Bespoke

€ 88

Children's BedroomPanoramic Wallpaper by Isidore Leroy

When it comes to creating a unique space for your child, the choice of children's panoramic wallpaper is an important decision. At Isidore Leroy, we understand the importance of this choice, so we've created a range of panoramic wall decor specially designed for children's bedrooms.

Our panoramic wallpapers for children are more than just wall decor. They're designed to stimulate your child's imagination and transform their room into a cocoon of softness. With our unique designs and soft, pastel shades, your child will feel comfortable and safe in their new space.

Why choose panoramic wallpaper for a child's bedroom? The answer is simple. Our panoramic wallpapers offer an immersive experience that cannot be matched by traditional wallpaper. They allow your child to escape into a world of dreams and adventures, while remaining comfortable in their own room.

What's more, our wallpapers are made from non-woven, a high-quality material that is both durable and easy to hang. So you can be sure that your child's wallpaper will stand the test of time.

Finally, at Isidore Leroy we know that every child is unique. That's why we offer a wide range of designs, from playful motifs to dreamlike landscapes. Whatever your child's taste, you'll find the perfect panoramic wallpaper for their room in our collection.

So if you're looking to transform your child's bedroom into a space that stimulates their imagination and promotes their well-being, look no further. Discover our range of panoramic children's wallpaper and be inspired by our beautiful designs. At Isidore Leroy, we're here to help you create the perfect space for your child.

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