Martine Dubreucq et Isabelle Parmentier


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This panoramic wallpaper is a landscape inspired by the vegetation and the coast of Brittany.

It offers a deep perspective that airs and enlarges your interior.



This set consists of two panels, each 1.5 m wide (A and B), which are connected in an alternating fashion to form sets of infinite length. 

Price per panel of 1.5 m width and height up to 3.3 m to cut and centre yourself.

Available on non-woven paper (light resistant, wall mounted, washable, dry strippable) or High Performance Contract (washable and impact resistant, PVC-free).

Available in several colours: Grisaille and Naturel.
✁ Also available bespoke.



Shipping within 10 working days maximum and delivery within 2 to 4 days depending on the country. Free shipping to France.

Please consult and follow the installation instructions.
Please note that non-woven paper is not completely opaque.
If the surface is dark or coloured, apply an undercoat or a liner.

Need advice? Checking the quantity needed?
Contact us !

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