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Hava is a look between the earth and the sky, a space where the canopy detaches itself from the heavens to become the dancing shadow of the wind. This panorama is inspired by the principles of harmonious balance of the Chinese Tao. Handmade with stencils and natural pigments, the pattern is revealed by the superimposition of sound colours presenting the rhythm of the gaps between the plants. It is a static visual journey from abstraction to figuration. A game of pareidolia, visionary perception alternately reveals the landscape or the imaginary.



This set consists of two panels (A and B), each 1.50 m wide, which are connected in an alternating manner to form sets of infinite length.
The panels are cut into three 50 cm wide strips.

Available on non-woven paper (lightfast, wall mountable, washable, dry strippable) or High Performance Contract (washable and impact resistant, PVC free)

✁ Also available in bespoke.

 Non-woven paper adhesive


Shipping within 10 working days maximum and delivery within 2 to 4 days depending on the country. Free shipping to France.

Please consult and follow the installation instructions.
Please note that non-woven paper is not completely opaque.
If the surface is dark or coloured, apply an undercoat or a liner.

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