Martine Dubreucq et Isabelle Parmentier


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A desire for sun, calm, wide open spaces, a change of scenery... Everything in this setting invites us to fulfil our adventurous dreams, to satisfy our desire for freedom, far from the stress of the city. The beautiful succulents, agaves and desert oaks make up this great botanical landscape where positive energy dominates.

Between mountains and Mixtec cities, on the road to Oaxaca the sea is not so far away. Khaki, natural green, powdery ochre, the colours are soft and punctuated with the flowery accents that nature harmonises so well.

A four-handed design by Martine Dubreucq and Isabelle Parmentier in a grisaille or aquarellée version in customisable atmospheres.




This set consists of two panels (A and B) of 1.50 m wide up to 3.30m high each, which are connected in an alternating way to form sets of infinite length.
The panels are cut into three 50 cm wide strips.


Available on non-woven paper (light resistant, wall mounted, washable, dry strippable) or High Performance Contract (washable and impact resistant, PVC-free).

Available in several colors: Grisaille, Naturel and Pastel.
✁ Also available bespoke.


 Non-woven paper adhesive


Shipping within 10 working days maximum and delivery within 2 to 4 days depending on the country. Free shipping to France.

Please consult and follow the installation instructions.
Please note that non-woven paper is not completely opaque.
If the surface is dark or coloured, apply an undercoat or a liner.

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Carefully designed and printed model.

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