The Isidore Leroy's paint

Isidore Leroy is launching a palette of 14 paint colours exclusively in our Parisian boutique to offer you personalised advice.

A colour chart developed by the colourist Cécile Mugler to accompany our collections with character and precision.
Each colour has been thought out to illuminate or highlight your interiors.

Nuancier finition Mat-velouté de 14 couleurs

Each colour is available in 3 washable finishes:

- Matte-velvety: A deep paint that gives a muted and elegant look to your interior. This finish is more sensitive to stains, so it is particularly recommended for adult bedrooms, living rooms and ceilings.

- Velvety-satin: A paint with a silky and slightly powdery finish. It is aesthetic and practical for kitchens, corridors and children's rooms.

- with Vegetable Oils: A perfect paint for woodwork. It is a natural, non-toxic paint, without volatile organic compounds (VOC).

The tones are taken from the brand's emblematic models, so you can easily match ceilings, woodwork and walls with the wallpaper and paint collections.


BLANC PAPIER - PAPER WHITE : PAPER WHITE: The colour of our beloved paper, the basis of our creations. Slightly warm, it accompanies all our white background panoramic designs to create a soft and luminous interior (walls and ceilings - woodwork)

JUSTINE : Ultra white like chalk, luminous and easy to match with all colours and decors. (Walls and ceilings - woodwork)

MARIE : Very light beige, warm and light. Can be used in harmony with our panoramic with grey shades as well as our contemporary decors such as Hava (Walls and ceilings - woodwork)

LUCILE : LUCILE: A subtle grey with a slight hint of yellow that makes it warmer. (Walls and ceilings - woodwork)

ANAIS : Very light green-grey. This ultra-soft shade varies according to the light of the day from beige to slightly green. We advise you to combine it with our "natural" wallpaper such as Dune Naturel. (Walls and ceilings - woodwork)

Peinture Anaïs

EMMA : A greige colour with a yellow background that gives it a warm softness. Can be combined with grey decors and Rêverie de Pins (Walls and ceilings - woodwork)

ADELINE : A warm colour with golden and bronze tones. Ideal for rooms lacking sunlight, it is an elegant match for wallpaper with shades of green. (Walls and ceilings - woodwork)

Peinture Adeline avec Ombelle

ILONA : A soft, discreet green that creates a very fresh atmosphere. Can be used on its own with greys and green panoramic wallappers or in a cameo with the "Honorine" green paint (walls and ceilings - woodwork)

HONORINE : Sage green with a slightly patinated appearance. This classic and timeless shade can be combined with many decors, brings character to a ceiling, and harmonizes with our children's wallpapers as well as with our natural panoramics. (Walls and ceilings - woodwork)

Peinture Honorine et Ilona avec le modèle Port Cros

BLEU ISIDORE - ISIDORE'S BLUE : The signature blue of Isidore Leroy. Deep, highly pigmented, it creates enveloping spaces with spectacular chic. It accompanies brilliantly our Forêt or Firone wallpapers (for walls and ceilings - woodwork)

Peinture Bleu Isidore

ALENA : Dark blue with a slight touch of green. This colour varies according to the light, which gives it a strong additional character. It combines with greys and beiges and reinforces nocturnal panoramic wallpaper such as Eclipse. (walls and ceilings - woodwork)

ELISABETH : A slightly beige pink with a very soft shade to light up a room or to accompany our night-time decorations and natural designs. (Walls and ceilings - woodwork)

CATHERINE : A warm red with timeless charm. In harmony with the Forêt or Firone wallpapers (Walls and ceilings - woodwork)

ALEXANDRA : Soft black that emphasises and envelops interiors. It accompanies monochromes and black-on-white designs such as Les Pins (walls and ceilings - woodwork).

Made in Brittany with high quality pigments, our paints are environmentally friendly.



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