Customise your panoramic wallpaper with our made-to-measure tool.

You are ready to order your bespoke panoramic but you don't know how to make your selection? Here's a step-by-step guide.

Bespoke version

The bespoke version of our wallpapers allows you to adapt the design to your needs. Firstly, the dimensions: you will receive your wallpaper in the dimensions you need for your wall, so there is no wastage. Then the framing: your order will be personalised, with you placing the design according to your wishes and the configuration of your room. Your wallpaper will blend in perfectly in your bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Are you going to place a piece of furniture in front of the design? Or a headboard? In this case, you may prefer to keep some vegetation in the foreground so as not to obscure the perspective. Or is it a wall with a chair rail? In that case, you would opt for a framing that highlights the heart of the design.

Create your design

Once you have made your choice, select the type of paper and the colour. Then click on the "Custom Dimensions" button.

A new window will appear.
Enter your width and height measurements in the appropriate boxes. Please note that you must enter the measurements in centimetres and without commas.

We recommend that you add a 5 cm safety margin to your measurements, as walls are never perfectly straight.

For example, for a 2.75 m wide panoramic, enter "275" in the corresponding box.

A highlighted frame appears on the drawing; this is the selection that will be printed.

Move this frame to select the part of the design you want. You can also play with the "Zoom" slider to adapt the scale to your needs.

Once you are happy with your framing, click on "Add to Cart".

Rest assured, the quality of the design will not be affected by your selection.

If you are not satisfied with the possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us at Our in-house graphic design team will study your project and rework the model for you.

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