Choosing black and white wallpaper

You may have noticed that panoramic wallpapers are now an essential part of the decorating world. Whether in specialist magazines, in restaurants, or even in films and TV series, we can discover stunning wallpaper to complete a decoration or to be its centrepiece.

When it comes to colours, you can choose from a wide range of categories, including black and white. In this article, discover the real assets hidden behind grisaille wallpapers, so that you too can play with the sobriety and elegance of this Isidore Leroy selection.

Inspiration for all your desires

Most wallpaper trends and inspirations are declined in black and white. At Isidore Leroy, we are particularly attached to these designs, which are often the basis for our creations. For example, the emblematic Dune wallpaper, designed by artists Martine Dubreuq and Isabelle Parmentier, was originally in black and white and has since been revisited in pastel shades.

You may never have put up wallpaper in your home before. If you are afraid of getting bored, dressing your wall in grisaille is a great first step to discovering and being seduced by panoramas.

If you like the jungle style, you will find several designs available in grisaille. Take a look at the Amazone and Rivière des Parfums designs, available in Gris and Gris gravure. You'll bring a tropical touch to your home with elegance and sobriety!

For lovers of coastal landscapes and the seaside trend, discover beautiful landscapes of Brittany, the Bay of Arcachon or the Mediterranean in black and white. The elements that compose these panoramas are brought to life on different levels: first the vegetation, then a path leading to the ocean and finally the horizon to bring depth to your room.

Prefer a pattern? Our Ombelles and Lounge wallpaper, for example, are both available in black and white. The patterns let you add a modern, graphic touch with a subtle finish.

And finally, we have not forgotten the little ones in the house! For your child's bedroom, do not hesitate to choose a grisaille wallpaper, as it will stay with your child for years to come. You can replace the bed and decorative elements as your child grows and even change the colour of the walls while keeping this wallpaper.

Indeed, black and white goes with any colour, giving you the freedom to change the mood, the colour of the walls and the elements in the room. As you will see later in this article, this advantage applies to every room in the house!

Black & white for every room in the house


This type of wallpaper is not limited to your living room, but can enhance any room in your home. It will bring elegance to your bedroom, your dressing room or a minimalist look to your entrance.

As mentioned above, black and white wallpaper in a child's bedroom also allows you to consume sustainably, as it can be used by your children for many years to come.

For the kitchen or dining room, opt for the brand new wallpaper "Arbustes", offered in a Black and White version. The mimosa, arbutus and fig trees have been drawn in charcoal by Francesco Battista and can be placed on the design as you wish.

Wallpapers that adapt easily to all types of decoration


Whether your room already has a distinctive look or you want to rethink everything, a grisaille panoramic is an excellent choice. In fact, it will match any type of decoration. Whether you change the furniture, the colour of the walls or the sofa, it will remain a key element that you can keep to add depth and pretty details to your wall.

For example, if your living room is already to your taste, and you want to keep your existing furniture and colour schemes, black and white wallpaper will not overpower your room. You are not adding new shades, but you are adding relief and depth to the room.

And if you are completely rethinking the way the room is decorated, dressing one wall in black and white will allow you to play with colours on other decorative elements such as cushions, rugs or the paint of other walls. Give free rein to your desires: black and white wallpaper goes well with all colours, especially this year's trendy shades: beiges, terracottas, greens and even THE Pantone colour of 2023. 

You can also go for minimalism by combining your wallpaper with raw materials and sober, uncluttered decorative items. In this case, opt for light, natural colours such as greys, beiges and simply white.

Various artistic techniques


Each wallpaper is the result of a collaboration with a French or international artist, who adds his or her own artistic touch. You will choose among various artistic techniques.

Artist Francesco Battista uses pointillism to create the Rift Valley décor. Each element - a tree, a giraffe or a cloud - is made up of a multitude of tiny dots, delicately applied in ink and by hand. Once the design has been placed on the wall, as you approach it you discover the huge amount of work behind this landscape, inspired by a Tanzanian nature reserve.

The dreamlike Cité Rêvée design was created in pencil by Octave Marsal, giving it a lovely etched effect. It was also a lengthy process, as the vegetation and architecture that make up this drawing are subtly brought to life in pencil.

And if you still fancy some colour...


If you are seduced by monochrome but still want to add a touch of colour, you should know that shades of black can be replaced by the colour of your choice. Choose from intense green, almond green or brown for a warm ambience.

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