How do I choose a nursery wallpaper?

Are you expecting a baby and looking for inspiration to decorate your baby's room? Opt for a panoramic wallpaper! Easy to install and durable, panoramic wallpapers will allow you to transform your space in the blink of an eye. Discover in this article how to decorate and personalise your child's bedroom thanks to our selection of Isidore Leroy wallpapers. 

Decorating with panoramic wallpaper

Panoramic wallpaper is the big trend of the moment. It allows you to decorate the wall with a pattern and thus avoid the repetition found on classic patterned models.
Choosing a panoramic design will give you a nice depth and enlarge the room; a real asset as babies' rooms are sometimes smaller!
In terms of colour, soft, natural shades will create a comforting atmosphere for both baby and parents. Your child will spend a lot of time there, sleeping, playing, growing... make his room a real cocoon in which he will feel good.
The advantage of a panoramic is that it will immediately mark the decoration of your space. You can cover one or more walls and paint the other walls in a matching colour.
Your wall will be the centrepiece of the room, and all you have to do is combine it with the matching furniture and decorative elements (soft toys, rugs, bed linen, etc.).

A sustainable decor for baby 

Have you heard of "slow decorating"? This decoration invites us to spend in a responsible way and to take into account the ecological and ethical dimensions of our decoration purchases.
Isidore Leroy is concerned about deforestation and environmental degradation, so we chose the FSC-certified large format ecological canvas. This label guarantees that the harvesting of natural wood products preserves the biodiversity, productivity and functionality of forest ecosystems.
Isidore Leroy wallpapers are printed on ecological paper. Indeed, our papers guarantee the preservation of biodiversity, productivity and the functioning of the ecosystems of our forests. In addition to being PVC-free, our non-woven backing has a very low VOC emission index. To find out more, read our article on ecological wallpaper.
All our models are made in France and on request. We produce your panoramic to the exact dimensions of your wall, which avoids wasting paper.
This made-to-measure option will also allow you to personalise the design!

A wallpaper that will last for years

Having trouble making a choice? Go for a panoramic design that will accompany your child for several years. This criterion is perfectly in line with the "slow deco" trend: the wallpaper that is the centrepiece of your bedroom will evolve with your child thanks to the different decorative elements in the room. You can adapt the furniture, lights and wall paint over the years while maintaining your decor. 

Our sélection of designs for your baby

Delicate patterns, pastel shades, jungle spirit or nature, discover 5 models to decorate your baby's room:







Find yourself in the middle of a forest, below the mountain. In a grey version or enhanced with delicate touches of colour among the leaves and birds.






A fairy-tale setting based on this majestic tree. A model that enchants us in both day and night versions.




A colourful design that invites us to join the tigers and walk along the river.

Paradis des Tigres

Here we are in the heart of an exotic garden surrounded by adorable felines. The decor is available in various colours.




The artist immerses us in this childlike universe, delicately drawn with a pencil. Find it in 3 different colours



If you need help, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you on your choice of wallpaper. If you wish to project yourself further, we can carry out simulations based on your photo.

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