Successful wallpaper hanging: our 5 tips

Panoramic wallpaper is very trendy and suits all the rooms in your house: the bedroom, the living room or even the bathroom! Before installing your panoramic, discover our 5 tips for successful installation!


1. Prepare the adhesive with a water bottle ! 

The preparation of the wallpaper adhesive is very simple, just dilute the granules in water and stir vigorously before letting it stand. Always make sure to read the instructions and the amount of water needed.

If you don't have a measuring cup, don't just pour the water in! Instead, get a water bottle and fill it with water to be sure of the amount you are using when you apply it.

2. Switches & sockets: making a cross cut

Do you know the cross-cutting of wallpaper? At Isidore Leroy, we call it the 'Anaïs technique'! Although it is widely used by many professionals, it was our colleague Anaïs who demonstrated it to us, and since then we have never made a single cross cut without thinking of her!

This technique will be very useful for cutting wallpaper around a switch or a socket for example. Here is how to do it:

1. Before hanging your wallpaper, remove the frames or covers of your sockets/switches;
2. Proceed with the installation of your wallpaper as if there were no obstacles on the wall;
3. Carefully spot the location of the socket or switch;
4. Make a cross with a cutter in the middle of this socket and cut out the triangles. Use the cutter to cut out the edges of the switch and press the air out;
5. If necessary, apply a little more glue around the socket to stick the wallpaper in place.

3. The 'magic' sponge

The "magic" sponge or eraser is essential for successful installation! You can easily find this tool in DIY shops.

The sponge is made of a slightly abrasive foam that will help you remove any stains on the wallpaper.

It is important to keep your hands clean throughout the installation, but if you accidentally leave fingerprints or pencil marks, use the magic sponge!

Simply dampen it with clean water and rub it gently over the area to be cleaned. Once the stain is gone, simply wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Don't hesitate to do a test in an area that is not very visible to make sure you don't rub too hard or you could damage the surface.

4.Use a plumb line

The laying of the first stripe is very important: once it has been successfully installed, the rest of your decor will follow. You will only have to install the next stripes based on the connection of the previous stripe. 

Do not rely on the corner of the wall or the ceiling, otherwise the rest of your decor will be inclined. Instead, use a plumb line to draw a vertical line with a pencil and apply your first strip following the line: your first stripe will be perfectly straight and the rest of the decor will follow.

If you don't have a plumb bob, you can make your own. Use your key ring or another heavy object. Tie a string or cord around the ring and let the key ring hang down, the wire is perfectly vertical.

5. The small brush for touch-ups

Finally, we recommend that you take a small brush to complete the installation of your decor. Large brushes are useful for applying the glue easily and evenly over the entire height of the wall, but the edges are not always well adhered. Once the decor is in place, don't hesitate to use your small brush to re-glue the edges that don't seem to be glued properly. If you make a cut-out around a socket or a switch, this small brush will also be useful for gluing the edges.

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